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Ten Things You Want to Say to Ten Different People Right Now

Assalamualaikum and hi!

First of all, sorry for not replying to your comments. I was having a problem with my blog, it wouldn't let me reply to any comment and I just got the time to fix it now. Anyway, if you were aware of my past blog post, I was tended to do the 10 days challenge but I decided to only do the first part except of all of them because I couldn't keep track in doing so. Well I was supposed to start it a month ago but things happened (again); in specifically, I caught a cold, my house area went blackout for two times, I had to deal with some problems and yeah I was having an anxiety waiting for my SPM result weeks ago which make me could only care less for this challenge. And for unknown reason, my right hand went numb (at the nerve) which also make it hard for me to type. But yea, now I had fully recovered from that illness so let me do the challenge (and I'm warning you it's going to be super long; well I think so; so make up your mind to either continu…

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