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Life Update

Living in this quarantine life sure give me a lot more opportunities to update this blog, but then again I don't take any of the chances I had to stop by this rusty blog. I simply don't want to make it an obligation to update but rather on making it flexible (and I've been very flexible with only few posts per year) and a thing I should do only when I'm in the mood.
For long I've been in the new norm and simply didn't check on my own blog, I actually still visit and read a few blogs at times. I noticed many of you'd posted about your life - like what you do in quarantine time and so on. I figured lots of you learn to do arts especially in embroidery which I found very very eye pleasing 💜 keep doing them! I really adore that hobby and honestly, I've always wanted to try doing it too but I know that I'm more of an impatient person thus, I'd rather live in the shadow for now until I learn to be more and more patient in doing things hahah. It'…

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