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02; a little story

Hi. Stopping by since it has been almost a month and I didn't update anything at all on my blog haha. Truthfully, I had been writing many entries but never posted any of it because I think none of them is a suitable topic in this Mubarak month. We gonna keep it halal gitew haha. Anyways, it's already the 19th day of fasting, we had made it halfway of fasting alhamdulillah. I hope everyone is in their best condition, both mentally and physically.
This year punya puasa quite mencabar for me. Last April, my semester two degree began and we students were required to change hostel. I'm not sure why because I once asked my seniors, and they told me they were never needed to change hostel. Musykil jugak why we need to change hostel but I didn't put so much thought in it. So, before this my hostel was on the first floor, and it was located right in front of the stairs. Thus, it wasn't so tiring to climb up the flight of stairs after walking home from class to cafĂ© and to my…

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01; starting fresh